Are Libertarians Too Selfish? (TAOL 0012)

In episode 12 of The Art of Liberty Podcast, John and I talk about whether or not libertarians use an excessive amount of self-centered language and talking points to sell the ideas of libertarianism. John is responding to a video I made a couple weeks agoarguing that instead of telling people that taxation is wrong because it’s MY money, we should instead take the tack that we are better stewards of our resources than the government is. An exciting conversation that gets tense at times. Give it a listen.


Guess How Many Libertarians are Running for Office this Year

I was reading a Libertarian Party document from 2000 the other day that named a goal of fielding 218 LP candidates for the US House of Representatives; that it would be the first time since the 1800’s that a third party had competed for a majority in the House. I Expected to Find a lot […]