NYPD Strike Suggests it’s Time for Assassination Markets

It’s likely that at least a small amount of targeted violence will be required to take down governments, so that a more liberty-centric order can supplant them. If we accept that, as distasteful as it is, then assassination marketplaces become attractive. Unlike a traditional war, assassination marketplaces don’t require that you kill tens of thousands of cops, politicians and soldiers. In order for assassination marketplaces to end the age of the state, only a few targeted individuals need be killed. For the rest, active and well-funded threats are sufficient to intimidate aggressors into remaining peaceful.


When is the Right Time to Go on Strike (a la Atlas Shrugged)?

Over at Objectivist Living, Matus1976 asks When to Strike? I wonder what objective criteria … people might suggest would be a reasonable dividing line … when they themselves [feel] compelled to strike, or perhaps when we ought to be morally obligated (if ever) to strike. Perhaps we go by a general rating of economic freedom? […]