The Future of Mass Adoption is an App

After 16 months at the coalface and with on-the-ground experience in 8 nations on 3 continents, we at Dash Latam have learned firsthand what it takes to get crypto mass adoption off the ground in X or Y place.

Every city or country has its idiosyncrasies, but from Porto Alegre, Brazil to Quito, Ecuador and everywhere around it, we have identified a clear path forward.

The next step is to turn all of this into an app that anyone anywhere can download and immediately start using to add value both to their own lives and to Dash. Win-win, always.

This app has 3 primary components:

  1. Wallet. It’s a wallet, but not just with Dash in it. It must have the ability to freeze your current Dash value in fiat terms. Everybody still thinks in fiat and no one wants to lose. It is that simple and there is nothing more to say on the topic.
  2. Use Options: Immediately answer the question: What can I do with Dash? Enable people to buy cell phone minutes, buy goods via ecommerce, business services, etc. Include a full geo-located merchant directory with nudging enabled by default. The available options for entering Dash (on-ramps) and exiting it (off-ramps) are essential. (Here is where integrations start to get really useful.)
  3. Gamified Adoption: Make mass adoption a game where the end user gets paid in Dash for performing actions that concretely advance Dash adoption. Learn Dash, earn Dash, spend Dash, repeat and iterate upwards towards buying, fractional masternodes, holding events, doing bizdev, writing software and much more.

The hard work is complete. Dash Latam is ready to move Dash adoption to the next stage. Let’s get it done before we lose our headstart.

P.S. What this means is that we have learned enough from our work that we can now design the first version of software that not only multiplies the effectiveness of our mass adoption work and makes the Dash brand/service more valuable to consumers and merchants, but also enables the efficient management of what we do now such that we can massify it globally at a low cost and without losing quality.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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