Where Should I Move to?

Fort Collins, Colorado is a nice place to live. Do I move my family back to my hometown of Philadelphia? To Free State Project‘s New Hampshire? Or to a gorgeous locale out west, like Fort Collins? Employment-wise, I can live most anywhere, but I do plan to run for public office, as a Libertarian. Any suggestions?

By George Donnelly

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Thanks Seth. How much success have Free-Staters who have run for office had? Are NHers open to out-of-staters moving there and running for office or are they more insular?

We’ve had a number of FSPers elected to a variety of positions both local and state level, and expect this fall to elect many more (by some counts, easily 2 dozen are running).

The number will only grow, year by year, since every 2 years in NH we have elections for most everything state level, and every year, plenty of local offices to run for as well.

The key is NOT to be an ‘out of stater’, but to be a good neighbor, first and foremost. Move and insist you know better, and you’ll lose. Meet your constituents, listen to them, have a good reputation, start small and build a name for yourself, etc…

Come visit NH, winter or summer, and there are plenty who will show you around and answer questions. LibertyForum (winter) or PorcFest(summer) are great times to bring the family, and meet others. Wives tends to be more concerned, until they meet all the great women we have here already, then she’ll be counting the days and pushing you to move.

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