Why it’s Critical to Remain Engaged

Networked mutual aid is our defensive shield.

The state exists, it is powerful and ever on the move. It does not stop and rest after gaining ground. Its assault on our lives, liberties and possessions is constantly moving forward. We can not neglect to be engaged and informed. We can not pretend its existence away. We dare not allow its attacks to progress unchecked. The consequences, at this late date, are too dire. The police state is upon us. Government blew right past its constitutional limitations. Our property is not ours anymore. Our liberties are reduced to mere privileges. Our lives are but playthings for agents of the state, to be taken or spared solely at their whim.

Our last defense is each other. When Adam Mueller was attacked in Las Vegas, our high level of connectedness forced his surprising release. Charges were dropped and he was summarily liberated. Our outrage, courage and will to act catalyzed the phone call flood that led to his freedom. Our connectedness is our defensive shield.

The urge to opt out of a hyper-connected, practically corporate, lifestyle – where one uses Facebook, shops at Wal-Mart, drives a car with license plates and eats potentially genetically-modified (GM) food, is understandable. We have few remaining choices. Perhaps we should use the little remaining liberty to opt out of the corporo-statist society altogether. Just pretend it doesn’t exist and live free as you were meant to. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal course of action and I’ll tell you why.

Check out the above video of the gentleman executing an excellent activism op. I get the sense he is fairly new to this. If we don’t stay connected and engaged, who will support him? Who will help him find the intellectual ammunition he needs in order to take his activism to the next level?

Consider this gentleman, trying to live simply in a rural area, and is now facing eviction from his own land because of it. He appears to be disconnected from any significant support network. He is considering leaving his beautiful 36 acres because of local government attacks. Imagine if this happened to an individual connected to the libertarian community. The local government goons would crawl back into their holes post-haste with their tails between their legs.

According to CNET, the federal state continues to demand that corporate service providers build backdoors into their encryption tools so that the feds can access our private date. If we don’t resist every police state intrusion, if we all go off and decide the world can go to pot as long as we are left alone, then we will each surely fall separately. Imagine yourself forced to submit, go to prison or die – alone. That’s no fun. Prison – or a firefight – is much more entertaining with friends.

Soon you may not be able to work without a state permission (ID) card, according to It wouldn’t surprise me if this came to pass. The state wants control. Period. If you can cut off a person’s source of self-esteem, well-being and basic human necessities, you have total control.

Government seeks to isolate us. It wants to control our interactions with other individuals. Our strength lies in building constructive relationships outside the state system. Our way forward is networked mutual aid. And you can’t do that these days without being hyper-connected via Facebook, cell phones, email, blogs and other new media. So stay connected and up your game. Together we will prevail.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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