Why I’m Sticking with Ron Paul

For those of us that had high hopes of Ron Paul placing at least third in Iowa and first in New Hampshire, the disappointment is palpable. We gave him $20 million dollars and went evangelical to get him the needed exposure. Doing worse in New Hampshire than in Iowa and losing the anti-war vote to John McCain of all people is especially befuddling.

Quitters: get some character, already.

Over at the posts from quitters were ugly to watch. Were they sailors, these deserters would be throwing themselves off the boat at the first sign of a small wave, and would die drowning. They provoke the same disdain I have for sports fans that switch their allegiance each year to whatever team did best last year. Get some character, already.

The S.S. Ron Paul is the only ship in harbor for you.

Face it, if you believe in personal liberty, limited government and non-aggression, the S.S. Ron Paul is the only ship in harbor for you. If you are a person of principle, and not a pragmatist, group-thinker or plain old coward, then your choice is between standing up for your principles, come what may, or buckling under to the statist, fascist, warmongering, surveillance-society crowd. I know which side I’m on. What about you?

Each minute Ron Paul stays in

Ron Paul may or may not get the nomination or win the general election. It’s too early to know and crazier things have happened. What I can be sure of though is that each minute Ron Paul stays in, the other candidates move a little further in our direction. Each vote, dollar, rally, media appearance, blimp flight, campaign sign and blog post for Ron Paul is another pound of pressure on the other candidates, the Republican party and our nation to move in the direction of liberty. “Pressure,” General George S. Patton said, “makes diamonds.”

Enviably positioned for a third-party run.

Ron Paul started from zero in this race and has come a long way – let’s not forget that. If the Republicrat duopoly selects candidates who only differ on what country they will strike when, how hard and with what overpriced weapons system or how many of our rights to subvert how quickly and with what legal gymnastics, Ron Paul will find himself enviably positioned for a third-party run. Hang tight liberty-loving persons of principle! The game has just started.

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By George Donnelly

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