Libertarian Activists Jailed for Tresspassing on Public Property

Ian Freeman and other Free Keene activists were arrested for peacefully assembling on state-owned property in Cheshire county, New Hampshire. Ian is facing almost a month in jail for trespassing on public property. How did this happen? It’s a new jail and the warden feels the need to keep his perimeter secure. Protesters intimidate visitors, he says.

Yet, protests were held at the old jail many times without incident. Protesters aren’t seeking entrance to the jail. They just want to be in the parking lot and on the grounds. They are peaceful at all times. Even the warden admits that.

In a September 24th interview, the warden claims that Free Keene activists want to be in jail. They seek it out, he says. This is wrong. The activists I see simply wish to exercise rights allegedly guaranteed by the government. Or they attempt to stop official misdeeds. No one is obligating state goons like Elizer Rivera to attack these peaceful people. No one is obligating the warden to keep them in jail. Everyone has a conscience. Everyone must use it. Each of us is individually responsible for our actions, be they in some official capacity or not.

By George Donnelly

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