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Belvin Perry Puts Julian Heicklen in a Cage for 145 Days

For handing out pamphlets in front of the Orange county courthouse in Orlando, Florida, (judge) Belvin Perry has decided to put renowned 79-year-old liberty activist and former chemistry professor Julian Heicklen in a cage for 145 days. Julian has been convicted of “external criminal contempt of court.” Readers of this blog will remember that Julian […]

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Lemonade Freedom Day a Success Despite DC Arrests

Lemonade Freedom Day was last Saturday, August 20th. As many as 30 families across the country participated by selling lemonade with their kids. One stand, near the capitol in Washington, DC ended with the arrests of Meg McLain, Kathryn Dill and Will Duffield. See the excellent video above for the whole story. Their performance was […]


Libertarian Activists Jailed for Tresspassing on Public Property

Ian Freeman and other Free Keene activists were arrested for peacefully assembling on state-owned property in Cheshire county, New Hampshire. Ian is facing almost a month in jail for trespassing on public property. How did this happen? It’s a new jail and the warden feels the need to keep his perimeter secure. Protesters intimidate visitors, […]

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Is 100 Days in Jail for Failing to Stand a Just Punishment?

Follow this story and help Ian @ Ian Freeman of Keene, New Hampshire has a couch on his property. It’s a musty old couch. But it’s on his property, not his neighbor’s. Someone complained about this couch, and asked for it to be removed. So says an official from the City of Keene. He […]