Adam Kokesh: FEC Complaint “Not a Factor”

The FEC [Federal Election Commission] complaint was not a factor in canceling AVTM on RT. NOBODY takes Kincaid seriously, & the complaint had no legal basis. #

I should have said something before all the conspiracy theorists jumped on the FEC for being responsible for AVTM being cancelled. It was not a factor! #

I will be able to speak more freely about AVTM’s cancellation after concluding my legal business with RT. Until then, just know that the FEC complaint was not a factor, but Jesse Benton is. #

According to posts on Adam Kokesh’s Facebook page, the FEC complaint was “not a factor” in his departure from Russia Today (RT).

He did say, however, that Jesse Benton was a factor. Jesse Benton is apparently married to Ron Paul’s granddaughter and, according to this website, is campaign chairman of Ron Paul 2012. Here is Benton speaking about Ron Paul on MSNBC last Monday. Update: Here is a comment Adam made about Benton on his show, Adam vs The Man. reports that Benton takes the complaint seriously. “Our campaign accepts only legal contributions, but we are declining interviews with Russia Today until they resolve this situation,” he said. What “this situation” might be, apparently remains unknown.

There may be a possibility of Adam returning to RT once “this situation” is resolved.

I asked both Adam and the author of the FEC complaint, Clifford P. Kincaid, for interviews. Both declined.

My Take

I can only speculate on what “this situation” might be. Perhaps Jesse Benton has filed some kind of complaint or is threatening to sue RT. Maybe RT thinks Adam violated their contract. This is idle speculation. I have no idea what the real problem is and no one is talking about it. We have to wait for the release of more information.

I’ve watched Adam’s work for several years and I support him. I think he is an excellent advocate for liberty. His courage and drive are admirable. We could all learn from him. Whatever the problem, I hope he can get past it and continue his excellent media work and activism. I’ve invited Adam to participate in the Agora I/O liberty unconference September 23-25th. I hope to see him there.

Some have criticized Adam for working with RT. RT is a project of the Russian embassy and is funded in large part by the Russian government. It is a propaganda outlet. It scores propaganda points by highlighting the work of dissidents such as Adam Kokesh. It’s a mutually beneficial trade. There is nothing wrong with it and I can’t help but snicker at claims that Adam is a “Russian agent.”

The revolutionaries of the late 18th century also had help from foreign powers, notably France. Were they traitors? Was that dirty money? No. When the state hands you a TV show, you take it. And use it against them. That’s what Adam Kokesh did and that’s what any revolutionary is wise to do. Purity tests are self-destructive. In a world where practically everything comes from corporations and states, it is not wrong to take advantage of any largesse headed your way – as long as you use it for good. And that’s what Adam Kokesh is doing.

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“RT is a… propaganda outlet…I can’t help but snicker at claims that Adam is a “Russian agent.”
Totally agree.
Mainstream US news is all propaganda. I get my news from alternative news sources, such as aljazeera,, drudgereport, etc.
I guess we’re all “agents”.

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