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Last Saturday, three lemonade entrepreneurs were arrested in Washington, DC. Their crime: selling lemonade for 10 cents per cup – without permission from the government. They’re also charged with disobedience and unlawful conduct. Watch the video yourself. This is not just an affront to the American tradition of lemonade stands and free enterprise, it’s also a complete waste of the public’s funds.

Help put a stop to these silly charges. Strike a blow for people power. Support these courageous activists, who endured hours of taunting at the hands of DC cops (one of whom declared his willingness to enforce racial segregation laws). Together we are stronger.

Call Now

The entrepreneurs ask that we call Irvin B. Nathan, the attorney general of Washington, DC, at 202.727.3400. Their names are Megan Steward (aka Meg McLain), Kathryn Dill and Will Duffield (or, just call them the Lemonade Liberating Three). They are charged with unlawful conduct, failure to obey and selling without permit.

Please watch the video and formulate your own thoughts on this matter. Please ask that all the charges be dropped immediately.

Here is my call to Irving B. Nathan. I was connected to a “low-level intern.” Clearly we need better phone numbers for these people.

Update: You can bypass the receptionist and reach Nathan’s receptionist Valerie Scott directly at 202-724-1301. I wonder who you reach with -1302 and -1303?

Update: Here is a great call from Jim Babb of We Won’t Fly.

Join the Julian Heicklen Call Flood, too!

Julian Heicklen is a 79-year-old free-speech activist and former chemistry professor who distributed jury independence pamphlets in front of an Orlando, Florida courthouse. Get the whole story here, including video.

Please join the call flood.

  1. Call Judge Belvin Perry’s office at 407-836-2008.
  2. Call arresting officer Ray Shulte of the Orange County Sheriff’s office at 407-836-6069.
  3. Call the Orange County Sheriffs Office at 407-836-4357.

Here is my call to Belvin Perry.

Let us know how your calls went in the comments below. If you can (legally) record it, all the better! Share that with us too.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

2 replies on “Join the Lemonista Call Flood Today!”

Let’s be honest. These weren’t “entrepreneurs.” They were protesters engaged in an act of civil disobedience. Their cause may or may not be a worthy one, but let’s not pretend they were just there to sell lemonade. They expected (hoped even) to be confronted by the police. That was their whole reason for being there.

They started a business. That qualifies them as entrepreneurs, does it not?

Are they also activists and civil disobedients? Sure.

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