“Anarchy Comes From Evil” – Day 1 of the Campaign for Liberty NE Conference

The first day of the Campaign for Liberty’s Northeast Regional Conference was a blast. As mentioned before, I am renting a table in the exhibitor room, where there are a lot of warm and interesting people with projects I want to get behind. Like DelValley Silver, a silver-based barter network that doesn’t try to rip people off with inflated silver prices like AOCS or peg the value of the “tokens” to federal reserve notes like Liberty Dollar. And they’re selling attractive rounds very close to spot! I already got two. Check them out at Like Schumpeter’s Gale, an animated pro-market movie where rebels blow up the Federal Reserve. I love it!

Fertile Ground

While I expected to encounter a bunch of raving minarchists at my exhibitor table, I found instead people with amorphous political philosophies I’ll just call confused, pissed off and looking for something to do. This is fertile ground and my A Day in the Life of John Q Public and New Government Terms of Service: We Can do Anything we Want with You. Forever (which I repackaged as a article, LOL) went over exceedingly well.

Recruited for a War on the GOP

Except, after awhile of me talking about anarchy and non-voting an older gentleman at an adjoining table came over and tried to sell me on joining the GOP and taking over precincts (or something) so the right candidates could get in. He himself is apparently planning to run for congress. He admitted right off the bat that government always got co-opted by the bad guys. He just wanted to take it back. What about when you’re out of office? Won’t the bad guys co-opt it again? What about when you’ve reduced the government to minarchy, won’t it start growing again? Is that really a permanent solution then? So I turned his own words back at him and he wouldn’t have any of it. At one point he said something negative about anarchists and so I asked if he knew where anarchists were coming from, i.e., why we hold the opinions we do. Sure, he said, anarchy comes from evil. There’s your quote of the day. LOL.

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

So I’m looking forward to tomorrow and if you want to help me work the table, I’d be happy to have you. :)

P.S. Thanks to NJALL for the Left Libertarian literature. They are attracting enormous interest and I’m running out!

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

6 replies on ““Anarchy Comes From Evil” – Day 1 of the Campaign for Liberty NE Conference”

It’s sort of funny I actually kind of understand why he would say “anarchy comes from evil”. I can almost imagine myself saying something similar few years ago. That’s pretty much how it is portrayed in the mainstream; with images of endless chaos and violence and hell on Earth.. quite evil looking indeed.

But of course, I think even he knows calling it that, especially in face of your arguments, is a non-argument. :)

Anyway, looks like you had a great time!

What a moron that GOP guy was. He knew nothing of anarchy and just made up a strawman.
It’s actually archism (the philosophy that one individual has the right to rule another) that comes out of evil…

“Anarchy comes from evil.”

So, the belief in the right of men to live without rulers is rooted in evil? Is it fair to say then that the belief in the right of men to rule completely over others is rooted in good? Or is that denying the antecedent? If so, at what point does the compromise of total control and total self rule become good, whereas one or the other is proposed to be evil?

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