Another Keene NH Activist Protests Court Video Ban. Cop Overreacts. 5 Activists Arrested.

Keene NH activist and Free State Project early mover Sam Dodson was arrested this morning for violating the ban on videotaping in the lobby at Keene District Court before fellow videographer Dave Ridley’s arraignment for the same offense.

Activists Targeted for Summons

Mr Dodson refused to cooperate in his arrest and police dragged him into another room from where his screams of pain were heard. According to Patrick at, police blocked the exits and Keene city prosecutor and police sergeant Eliezer Rivera insisted that liberty activists left in the building receive summons. Two were issued but five activists were arrested, presumably for disorderly conduct charges and/or for not cooperating in the issuance of the summons.

Police Overreacted

According to Patrick, some police officers felt Mr Rivera overreacted:

Before I was let out of the car, I heard two police officers criticizing city prosecutor Eliezer Rivera’s actions in calling for backup and demanding that everyone be given summons. “I thought he’d been jumped,” one of backup officers said, referring to when he received the call. “90% of it was probably him,” one of them said, referring to Riviera’s hyping of the incident. “He’s out of control.” #

Discussing this on Free Talk Live Now

Tune in to Free Talk Live right now to hear Ian describe what happened [Apr 13 7PM EST].

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