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BCH Latam Mar 2020 Status Update

BCH Latam initiated operations on 1 Mar 2020 and we made some progress. However, due to the coronavirus situation, we had to reduce operations mid-Month. As of 31 Mar 2020, we suspended all operations.

At this time, we recognize the need to pivot to an exclusively digital strategy. However, I, George Donnelly, am the only active team member with the requisite skills to do so, and my time is otherwise occupied for now.

Therefore, the project is on hold at least until 15 May 2020.

March Achievements

Venezuela – Jose Ignacio Araujo

  • relationship-building with 2 Sunacrip-licensed crypto exchanges
  • telephonic contact with former Dash Latam merchants in Chacao, Caracas. 5 are interested in accepting Bitcoin Cash.
  • contact with 30 NGOs that were part of Dash Aid. 13 wish to accept BCH.
  • new wallet installs and training for the 13 Venezuelan NGOs.
  • lined up a possible meetup space in Caracas.

Spain – Gabriel Mitacchione

  • attended a forum for startup investment
  • worked on the slide deck
  • progress on legal aspects of the business plan
  • outreach to marketing, investment and strategy planning experts
  • developed a proposal for a major European cryptocurrency concern to integrate BCH with a wallet provider in Latin America that could serve as an EU to Venezuela and Guatemala remittance corridor.

Colombia – Sebastian Montes

  • 4 merchants affiliated for Bitcoin Cash in Medellín
  • 60 cold visits to small merchants in Medellín to pitch them on accepting BCH
  • telephonic contact with 200 former Dash Latam merchants in Colombia
  • 25 BCH wallets opened in Medellín with promotion of
  • 50 Venezuelan merchants scheduled to be contacted for combo remittances

Digital Strategy

Going forward, I expect we will focus on these areas:

  • a weekly video show about personal development and BCH
  • a website that supports the show with courses
  • improving the business plan and pitching it
  • NGO charitable giving
  • key integrations that help with remittances

We are working on other ideas that may fit with the current global situation.


Salaries in the aggregate amount of 5.98 BCH were paid for the month of Mar 2020. I, George Donnelly, drew no salary or other remuneration in March, choosing to donate my time instead.

Assets on hand include the following:

  • 21.575 BCH ($5,178.28 at the time of publication) in a wallet
  • 0.19284673 BCH ($46.31 at the time of publication) at
  • 3,952.50 USDC 

Total funds on hand as of 27 Apr 2020 are $9,177.09 USD.

Next Steps

Given our low funds situation, the uncertain global situation, the ongoing lockdowns in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela and the fact that I am the only team member currently capable of executing a digital strategy, the project remains on hold.

With more funds or when the digital strategy is operational and a little more mature, we should be able to restart operations.

I believe we may only have one shot at getting our for-profit business plan funded and therefore we are conserving our resources in order to have the best chance at success once the global situation improves.

Thanks for your attention and support.

Thanks to the team for your hard work and patience under difficult circumstances.

Want to join our token sale? Full details at

Want to talk? Email [email protected].

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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