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BCH Latam Mar 2020 Status Update

BCH Latam initiated operations on 1 Mar 2020 and we made some progress. However, due to the coronavirus situation, we had to reduce operations mid-Month. As of 31 Mar 2020, we suspended all operations. At this time, we recognize the need to pivot to an exclusively digital strategy. However, I, George Donnelly, am the only […]

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The More Liberty Now Manifesto

It’s been 45 years since the founding of the Libertarian Party. We’ve got agorists trading on the darknet, we’ve got activists getting arrested for handing out pamphlets, we’ve got pizza delivery guys running for the US Senate and we’ve got loners relocating to the icy mountains of New Hampshire. None of it is working. No one has the answers. No one has a strategy for getting us from here to a voluntary society. If you want something new, join the conversation.