The Big Fish (My First Twitter Tale)

The Big Fish

My concept of a “twitter tale” is a three-part story, each part being a twit of exactly 140 characters, that includes an inciting incident, an event that pushes the character to the ending, and a twist ending. Here’s my first one. (i.e., don’t expect too much yet.)

The Fish

Mike saw the sunken dock. A huge fish lay on it, immobile. He poked it with a stick. “Yo!” said the fish, and moved. “Got a message for ya.” #

Not Again

“Not again.” Mike sighed. “Big One wantsa see ya.” The fish kicked, splashing Mike and was off. Mike stripped, dove in and kicked down hard. #

The Key

“The key!” Big One arred. “They feel pain.” Mike cooed. “Pain? Show me!” Mike speared his eye, swam ashore and drank a fresh beer, cackling. #

I wrote this entirely off the top of my head, as I’m sure shows. You may find it entertaining to know that fish are reported not to feel pain.

Photo by spakattacks. Some rights reserved.

By George Donnelly

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