Bob Barr Knows How to Sell Liberty

Bob Barr knows how to sell liberty. In this video he succinctly explains how the economy is managed by unelected officials at the Federal Reserve, that the government should not be the manager of the economy and that these developments rob the individual of their freedom.

At it’s root, almost every problem we have can be traced back to government spending, and government power.

Government Not to Manage the Economy

“The government,” he says, “was never intended to have the responsibility for managing, or tinkering with, the American economy. That was supposed to be left up to the marketplace.” And he goes on to link this with the Federal Reserve’s unelected officials, inflation and the enormous federal bureaucracy.

But Correct Force and Fraud

He adds that we, without a doubt, need mechanisms to correct fraud and misrepresentation. This is the standard Libertarian line: no government meddling in the economy but empower law enforcement to correct force and fraud. I see no reason why all Libertarians can’t stand up for these ideas.

Beautiful Video – Do more!

The video is in high definition and even when viewing it at full-screen on a huge monitor it’s hardly pixelated – well done all around. I hope the campaign will continue to produce these videos, they’re a great tool for raising awareness on line.

Via Liberty Maven.

By George Donnelly

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