Bitcoin Cash Latam is Raising Funds for Systematic P2P Adoption in Latin America

We are Bitcoin Cash Latam. We have a long-term vision and detailed plan to grow Bitcoin Cash awareness and use in Latin America through a bowling pin strategy of merchant adoption, remittances, B2B buying, international trade and more.

We are seeking funding from you to make this happen. In return, we have a lot of value ready for you.

BCH Latam is in this to kickstart the Bitcoin Cash commons in Latin America, provide superior value to the developing world through BCH and eventually make Bitcoin Cash the international currency of Latin America.

Our gamified adoption app concept would enable indie BCH adoption workers to earn their way in by completing verifiable tasks that add concrete value to the Bitcoin Cash network, such as merchant adoption, meetups and more. Gamified adoption is a viral feedback-loop system to kickstart BCH adoption globally in parallel at a low cost.

Join us in growing the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Let’s focus on solving real problems in the real world for real people, and forget the noise.

You may have heard of us, we used to be Dash Latam. In 16 months, we signed up 1,304 merchants, did 159 events, personally onboarded 5,000 new users, and much more. We are a professional adoption team of ~80 people across 19 cities and 7 Latam nations.

We aim to create a groundswell of buzz for Bitcoin Cash in Latin America that can be used to generate new interest in BCH in the English-speaking world as well. We’re focused on merchants, meetups, liquidity, remittances and media production (see “What Bitcoin Cash Gets” at for details).

The BCH Latam funding plan is gracefully decaying. If we raise enough, we will execute our for-profit business plan, which includes Bitcoin Cash commons. If not, we will focus on building a BCH commons in Latam that can serve many people’s business plans until we can execute our own.

Buy our PAN tokens today to be a part of the next evolution of Bitcoin Cash utility.

To participate in the BCH Latam Crowdfunding 2020, please thoroughly review the offer at and purchase your PAN tokens permissionlessly at the DEX.

Verify that you are buying this PAN token, with Token ID 30715aed785f35c4645632c37789a157996b1785023ef987ddca19a8b31736f1 only.

Email [email protected], Telegram @georgedonnelly or Signal +573218423668 with questions.

Why Support BCH Latam

  • more Bitcoin Cash users
  • more BCH-accepting merchants
  • proven team
  • to kickstart a commons that can give rise to many for-profit businesses
  • 4M Venezuela diaspora + BCH remittances = tremendous opportunity
  • remittances are overpriced at 8% average fees globally (<40% in certain markets) and ripe for digital disruption
  • our gamified adoption app concept, when built, could enable BCH adoption to spread virally across the globe at a low cost
  • our PAN token may develop real value, as we plan to deploy it as an incentive to users, for it to be accepted at our merchants and to distribute profits to it using the SLP Dividend Calculator.

READ MORE at and request our profit-seeking business plan via email to [email protected] or Telegram DM to @georgedonnelly.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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