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Dave Ridley NOT Guilty: Nashua Jury

Arrested for leaving a hotel too slowly? Prosecutor actually prosecutes the case? Witnesses lying? That’s what happened to New-Hampshire-based independent journalist Dave Ridley. Dave was interviewing politicians, as is his wont, at Nashua, New Hampshire’s Radisson hotel when staff and Nashua cops asked him to leave. He complied by walking backwards toward his far-away parking spot, all the while recording the cops. As he approached his car, Nashua cops arrested him, groped him and charged him with criminal trespass.

Dave and his lawyer, Seth Hipple, recount in the above video how hotel staff contradicted Dave’s video in their testimony to the court. The court only watched Dave’s video because Seth strenuously argued for it. And then, apparently, the judge became even more eloquent than Dave in his defense! Another pointless prosecution ends in nominal victory for a liberty activist. Kudos to Dave, Seth and those who supported him. Be sure to check out his engaging and authentic journalistic work at

Here is the video of Dave’s arrest.

My Take

Cops and hotel staff overreacted. Dave wasn’t interfering with the flow of traffic. He wasn’t causing a disturbance. He was interviewing government officials about actions they take in their official capacities. If not for the reported presence of Joe Biden and his secret service detail, this might not have even happened. I know Dave Ridley. He’s a stand-up guy. There is no reason for him, or other independent journalists, to face this kind of abuse and persecution. He left when asked to. It’s not his fault the parking lot is so big.

If you’re concerned about big business’ special state privileges that enable it to trounce smaller and less privileged competitors, you should also be concerned about how state-sanctioned media benefits from the crushing of smaller and less privileged competitors such as Dave Ridley. Dave couldn’t get the stories he wanted. He spent time in jail. He had to defend himself in court. All of this costs time, money and energy. Independent journalists like Dave Ridley deserve our support and our patronage. If you have something to sell or promote, please consider buying an ad from Dave.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

8 replies on “Dave Ridley NOT Guilty: Nashua Jury”

Very well stated, George, this is about as egregious as it gets when it comes to persecuting independent journalists, independent journalists who are our only true and transparent source of information in this age of corporate ungodlieness. I couldn’t quite believe that hotel management from the Radison (a Marriott Hotel) would go into court and LIE LIE LIE to protect their corporate brothers, Nashua Police, Inc. But that’s precisely what happened, apparently, and it is deeply troubling, to sa the least. I encourage people to Boycott these corporate devils. This whole episode further demonstrates why independent journalists like Dave Ridley (and yourself) deserve our patronage and support. It’s time to turn off corporate-controlled journalism and tune into the true 4th estate, which is represented by authentic and independent journalists dedicated to the public accountability of government officials, among other vital virtues associated with honest journalism. It is the Dave Ridleys and the George Donnellys of this world, the new muckrakers, to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude. I thank you both. And great going to Seth Hipple, Esquire, for beating the evil-doers at their own game. Well done, young man.

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