The Earth has been Nuked not Twice, Not a Few Dozen Times but more than 2,000 Times by States

Yet everything seems to be ok, right? We’re still here, aren’t we? Sure, everything seems to be fine for me, as far as I know. But how would I know if radiation poisoning from these 2,053 nuclear explosions (plus the ones in the last 12 years) has affected me and mine? Here are some facts I dug up on just how “fine” we’re doing as a result of those 2,053+ nuclear attacks on our planet.

  1. Groundwater at the Nevada nuclear bombing site will be severely contaminated for tens of thousands of years to come.
  2. Leukemia and other cancers have been caused by nuclear attacks both in Nevada and across North America.
  3. US nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands exposed the Rongelap people to three times as much radiation as the Chernobyl disaster – in just one instance! Oh you bet they’re sick.
  4. British soldiers were exposed to multiple nuclear blasts without thought for their safety, leading to serious disabilities in their children – when they were able to have them.
  5. In Australia, British nuclear testing contaminated aboriginal land leading to sickness and the disintegration of the aboriginal community.
  6. In Kazakhstan, the Soviet Union detonated 456 nuclear bombs at one site. The health effects should be obvious.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget that all of these attacks were perpetrated by that special entity that operates outside accountable society: the state. No private entity has detonated a nuclear bomb. Which one is less harmful now?

By George Donnelly

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