Chernobyl Zone is a Teeming Wildlife Refuge

I remember when Chernobyl happened. In the midst of all the nuclear bomb scares of the 80’s, it was frightening. I also remember the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. I lived only a couple hundred miles away. That made it extra scary. And when I think of the 2600 square kilometer radioactive exclusion zone […]


The Earth has been Nuked not Twice, Not a Few Dozen Times but more than 2,000 Times by States

Yet everything seems to be ok, right? We’re still here, aren’t we? Sure, everything seems to be fine for me, as far as I know. But how would I know if radiation poisoning from these 2,053 nuclear explosions (plus the ones in the last 12 years) has affected me and mine? Here are some facts […]