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Filed Complaint with Warwick Police

In response to this latest attack, I’ve decided to vigorously pursue my options on both it and the Plymouth one three months ago. The unlimited power held by cops has been laid bare. People who’ve read my recounting of the events insist that these cops can be held accountable by the same system that enables them. Let’s just see about that.

Right to Know Requests

I filed a Right to Know (FOIA) request with Warwick township and an expanded one with Plymouth township yesterday.

Filed a Complaint with Warwick Police

Today I attempted to file a complaint with Mark Goldberg of the Warwick police but didn’t get far, as you can see in the above video. He refused to answer my questions on tape. [The video is also on YouTube.] On my way out, a woman who had seen part of the encounter looked at me like I was a space alien.


Reactions have varied from empathy and outrage to complete disbelief and scorn – and that’s just among my friends and local gun owners. Over at the Pennsylvania firearm owners association (PAFOA) forums, some posters are convinced this is a hoax. They’ve called me a coward for arguing that legal action has a low return on investment. I expect a mixed reaction to open carry horror stories from your average Pennsylvania gun owner, but I didn’t expect to be branded a liar and coward.

Enhanced Preparedness

One member of the internet peanut gallery told me I should stop carrying because it is attracting thugs to me – thugs of the only kind I can’t feasibly use my gun against. Good point. So I’ve made a small harness for my Flip Cam and am suspending it with a blue Free State Project lanyard from around my neck. Now I’m suitably armed against both kinds of thugs.

More to Come

There’s more to come so stay tuned.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

11 replies on “Filed Complaint with Warwick Police”

Sorry George. Heroes don’t talk on camera.

I look forward to reading his response to your questions. Kudos for going forward and filing the complaint.

You should get a smartphone or something, if you have a Vimeo account you can upload video as it’s being recorded, so there’s no way that the cops can destroy the evidence against them.

You sir, are a wingnut. You are the reason why we have such ridiculous legal fees in this world. Perhaps you have a small penis and that is why you choose to display your weapon on your hip. Cops face the real threat of death and dismemberment every hour of every shift. Why do you feel the need to display your sidearm? You could easily conceal it with a permit, but you like drawing attention to yourself, probably because it takes attention away from your grotesquely small penis. Maybe you tried to be a cop in the past and couldn’t pas the exam or make it through the academy so now you where that gun on your hip, hoping it will bring you the respect you so desperately want. Instead it just points out to the world that you are a nut. Might I suggest moving to Montana and leaving the rest of the civilized world behind. We do not want you around us. You really are a sad human being. I feel bad for you in a strange way…always thinking that you are some big shit and in reality you are just a sad scared, small membered man, hoping someone will notice you with your big black block on your hip.

Sticky, the government has created an incentive for me to open carry, so take it up with them. If I conceal they want me to beg permission and provided ID on demand. If I carry openly, they don’t want me to ask permission.

I have never wanted to be a cop or tried to do so.

Otherwise, thanks for the comic relief!

P.S. Shame you can’t open carry over there in PRNJ.

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