Free Marc Emery, Agorist and Marijuana Entrepreneur, in a Federal Cage for 5 Years

Marc Emery is a Canadian man who is now in (US) federal prison for 5 years over his business of selling cannabis seeds to the public. It breaks my heart to see this man in prison. He has harmed no one. There is no victim for the crime he is accused of. In Canada, his offenses are punishable by fines. So how did he end up across the border in a cage for five years? Watch this short video from Liberty on Tour to find out.

Apart from the victimless crime issues and the cruel and unusual punishment angle, consider the fact that Marc was practicing agorism. Maybe he was doing it openly and publicly, instead of secretly as many agorists claim it should be done. Maybe he was paying some taxes. Nevertheless, he is an agorist and is currently under the thumb of the federal government. There is a lesson here for other (prospective) agorists. Agorism is a form of civil disobedience or peaceful non-compliance. As an agorist, you may someday be caught, caged and prosecuted. When this happens, what will you do? How will you get out of this terrible situation? This is a question that needs to be addressed in order for the agoristic strategy of building the new world inside the shell of the old to succeed.

As Roderick Long has noted, when the government is about to do something terrible, wouldn’t it be better if it did something just bad instead? Can we moderate the government’s actions by participating in it through voting, running for office, lobbying, letter-writing and other more traditional forms of activism? And if we can, isn’t that worth the ameliorative effect that could result? What do you think? Once you or another practicing agorist you know is facing time in a cage, how will we get them out? How will we protect our fledgling economies from state aggression?

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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