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Is Government Tyranny Built on Your Voluntary Consent? A Look at Sovereignty Theory.

Have you heard about the sovereignty movement? This is what I call the people who rally around the ideas expressed very briefly in this video. There are many lines of thought present in the movement. Some think that all unconstitutional government tyranny arises from our voluntary consent. Others think there is a second, secret constitution. I have heard the idea that there are two governments, one based on the constitution and one borne from the federal governance of Washington, DC. Some argue that the 14th amendment, instead of freeing the slaves, enslaved us all, morphing us from sovereigns to citizens. Others look for hidden meanings in words, and tend to take symbolism literally.

I find this movement fascinating and complex while also tending towards the ridiculous and unbelievable. There is a surreal kind of logic to their work. The foundation for their most useful work is solid. Proponents test their hypotheses in the courts. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. It’s this solid foundation of experimentation which, when actually used, most impresses me about the sovereignty movement. Here is some additional work on how these methods and ideas can be used to hold government agents accountable. Don’t write it off without looking into it! You never know when you might be hauled in front of a state judge and forced to fend for your life, liberty and property.’s Law Notes is foundational, reasonably rational and more connected to reality than some other sources. There are even 8 hours of lectures available.

Marc Stevens is on the fringe of this movement as far as I can tell (by which I mean he sounds reasonable). His research is reliable and his conclusions tested by hard experience. He has a book and a weekly radio show.

Robert Arthur Menard is a Canadian proponent of sovereignty theory who has apparently met with great real-world success. He has tons of videos on YouTube. And I believe he is associated with

What do you think of these ideas? Let me know in the comments.

By George Donnelly

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3 replies on “Is Government Tyranny Built on Your Voluntary Consent? A Look at Sovereignty Theory.”

There’s a guy named Eric Lovely, an internet radio talk show host who talks about and the sovereignty movement. He recently left Freedomizer raido and started with some other like minded folks. This is really interesting stuff.
Having mentioned Eric Lovely, one thing I want to say is that I’m not so sure about the whole “peace time flag of the United States” thing.

Thanks for the comment. I’m skeptical about that as well. There seems to be an over-emphasis on symbolism and literal meanings of things. For example, I looked up the etymology of “registration” and it doesn’t say anything about the ‘regis’ part coming from the latin for king. Maybe that’s a refutation or maybe it’s another example of information being hidden.

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