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How I Live Anarchy Every Day

You can’t possibly live anarchy under the state. Or can you?

“I live anarchy every day,” I told a fellow redditor recently. He doesn’t think anarchy will ever come to pass. He doesn’t believe I could possibly be living anarchy on a daily basis. But I am. How? I make conscious decisions about how I spend my money and my time. I resist the corporate state where feasible. I educate and expose. Here’s a list.

  1. I write. I write about anarchist ideas, their implementation and how current reality compares. My aim is to educate myself, spark insights in others and prepare the community for the next steps.
  2. I engage in mutual aid. I support my friends when the state harasses them.
  3. I actively deny consent to the state in order to weaken it and highlight my difference of opinion.
  4. I plot the downfall of the state. Not only is it illegitimate, but this regime is brutish and self-destructive.
  5. I educate the public, for example by distributing fully informed jury fliers.
  6. I videotape the state’s agents, so their hypocrisy can be exposed.
  7. I organize with my friends to achieve our goals.
  8. I participate in counter-economics.
  9. Where feasible, I patronize small worker-owned or non-corporate businesses.

How do you live anarchy on a daily basis?

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By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

One reply on “How I Live Anarchy Every Day”

I do everything I can. Mostly discussion these ideas with friends and family. Now, every time I make a decision on something, it has to have something to do with expanding my individual freedom.

I’ve been writing a lot lately too. I need to “publish” some stuff.

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