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7 Ways to Keep Doing Agorism

Now that you’ve started practicing agorism – the idea that by trading outside the purview of the state we can bring about complete liberty – it’s time to consider how you’ll continue doing it. This is no small matter to be overlooked or pooh-poohed. It’s easy to start a new project, but not always so simple to keep it going.

It’s About Trade

To practice agorism is considerably less complicated than it might sound. It’s just about trading with your fellow man. Period. Don’t report the transaction to anyone. Don’t charge or pay taxes on the transaction. Just trade and profit. So, many of the same rules that apply to starting a small business, or most any endeavor, also apply to agorism.

7 Ways to Keep Doing Agorism

  • Find something you enjoy, and have fun doing it. If you can’t stand making widgets, then that’s not going to be your agoristic endeavor.
  • Keep it easy, simple and low-pressure at first. You may go through a dozen ideas before you hit on one that you enjoy and is profitable. Only invest as much as is absolutely necessary to get your project in front of other people. Don’t splurge or assume the project will be a winner. Be agile and ready to move on.
  • “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

  • It absolutely must be profitable. This is business, not charity. If you’re not making money, why do it? If you’re taking a loss, you’re doing it wrong. Do what you need to do to make a profit. Ruthlessly cut your costs. Don’t be afraid to charge whatever it takes to make a profit.
  • Find some friends to do it with. You don’t have to go in as partners, just find complementary activities you can each do individually. You trade your chicken’s eggs for your friend’s hot peppers. You trade your goat’s milk for another friend’s beef steak. The possibilities are endless and you each come out ahead.
  • Start a regular meetup to discuss agorist theory and engage in trade. Keep it laid back. Sell your services and products to the people who attend.
  • Investigate your competition in the state-run markets. What are their strengths and shortcomings? Consider how you can incorporate their innovations and improve on their faults.
  • Make sure your product or service is competitive with the state economy. Don’t overprice it. Try to provide something better or something that’s missing in the state economy.

Just Keep Going

The most important thing is to just keep going. Your projects may fail. You may get frustrated but you can’t give up. Failure is the prerequisite for success. Keep at it. Keep learning and you will achieve success!

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By George Donnelly

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