More Libertarian Bloggers, Please

Are there enough libertarian bloggers? Are potential libertarian bloggers posting all their thought and analysis to Facebook, a walled garden where your accumulated writings can be wiped out in the blink of an eye? I know I am. In fact, I posted about this precisely on Facebook!

I Want More

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of excellent libertarian bloggers. (You can find some of them on the far right side of the page.) I’d just like there to be more of them. And I’d like the existing ones to write more. In order to keep our nascent new society growing, we need a diverse and continuing discussion.

Got Nothing to Say?

“A culture is made — or destroyed — by its articulate voices.” – Ayn Rand

What if you don’t have anything to say? That’s how I felt. I started my first blog in 1999 and for 7 years I had almost nothing to say. Finally in 2006, I started to find my rhythm and have accelerated since them. You can do the same. Once you have the outlet, you will find things to write about. No matter how short or inconsequential it may seem, your writing will be of use to someone. It will help you to think and express yourself better and almost certainly will influence others.

Still Learning?

What if you’re still just learning about liberty? Perhaps you don’t feel you know enough to comment authoritatively. Even better! You’ll run into questions others haven’t considered or gave up on answering. Reasoning through the basics of liberty will help others do the same. You’re more sensitive to the stumbling blocks in learning about something new, and thus have a lot to offer just right there.

Infinite Contexts

Even if you consider the non-aggression principle to be an axiom and therefore not open to question, there are still an infinite number of contexts to which it needs application. Just like good movies can profitably be remade for each new generation, so can the classic concepts of liberty be reformulated in ways more palatable and comprehensible to modern audiences.

We Can Facilitate

Also, this isn’t the end of libertarian history. There are more principles to be discovered, strategies and tactics to be discussed, plans of action to be decided on, news to be reported and links to be shared. We can facilitate a lot of this by blogging.

Get a Freedom Blog Now

To get started, check out our own Mike Gogulski’s Freedom Blogs. It costs nothing and you get everything you need but a brain and some fingers to start blogging today. Don’t forget to let me know about your blog so I can link to it!

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By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

6 replies on “More Libertarian Bloggers, Please”

Honestly, George, I think there is a prevailing attitude amongst libertarian circles that sitting around and bitching amongst ourselves is a better use of our time than attempting to educate anyone. When you initially posted the query on Facebook, one of the first responses was from someone who gave a long-winded version of “I don’t wanna.”

So few of us want to do the work of blogging, educating, or take part in the smallest amount of slactivism, but we’ll whine when the only faces of libertarianism/liberty movements/etc. are just disgruntled neo-cons. It’s time for us to start taking some responsibility of our own.

There’s nothing wrong with starting out on a walled garden.

When I first started blogging, I was thinking “OMFG!! Someone’s going to kill me if I write about this stuff!” That hasn’t happened (yet). I see now that’s the result of a lifetime of abuse by parasites. Whenever I had a non-conforming thought, my teachers or parents always immediately corrected me.

Now, my only concern is “A potential wage slave employer who googles for my real name should not find my blog.”

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