Libertarians Should Find More Love, Less Hate, for Statists

I found this video, and some further thoughts, over at The Peaceable Kingdom. Libertarians expend a lot of energy hating the state and its aggressive agents, but how often do we try to love them? Remember, we’re not going to win this with violence. We’ll win this with self-improvement, education, empathy and counter-economics, among other things. Let’s start with finding things to love about statists. We can build on that.

By George Donnelly

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4 replies on “Libertarians Should Find More Love, Less Hate, for Statists”

I would say that is true of many groups. I would agree with that in regards to many liberals and socialists, but there are some groups I feel seek the exact opposite of what I seek. I am mostly thinking of conservatives. It seems that the few economic areas they give lip service to virtues I would condone they are still only giving lip service. They come to conclusions through a completely contrasting thought process often and the outcome I see as something often not compatible with what I seek.

On the other hand I have found more and more common grounds with many socialists online. I really do think that we can do much together with them.

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