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Are you Talking to Statists, or just Waiting to Shoot them in the Head?

Replace “statists” with “zombie hoards” and you’ll see the problem. No one ever tries to cure the zombies, they just try to shoot them in the head. – Marc Seltzer In response to Statists are not the Enemy, Marc Seltzer just nailed it with the above quote. Are you talking to statists, trying to find […]


Libertarians Should Find More Love, Less Hate, for Statists

I found this video, and some further thoughts, over at The Peaceable Kingdom. Libertarians expend a lot of energy hating the state and its aggressive agents, but how often do we try to love them? Remember, we’re not going to win this with violence. We’ll win this with self-improvement, education, empathy and counter-economics, among other […]