Michael Scheuer is My New Hero

Are CNN propaganda operations getting more blatant or is it me?

Michael Scheuer is an interesting guy. He has worked for the CIA. He authored a book about American imperialism while working for the CIA. In this interview with CNN’s Chrstine Romans and Kiran Chetry, Scheuer tells a lot of truth about the Libyan War.

It’s like the Afghani mujahideen all over again if the US trains and arms these rebels, he says. And that course of action takes a lot of time so it’s practically hopeless. Obama is painting himself into a corner where he will either have to admit this war was a mistake, or commit ground troops. This is just another middle eastern war for oil in which Americans are killing Muslims for oil. At least that’s how it looks to people in the middle east. As such, it is a recruiting tool for anti-US forces.

But the most intriguing part of the video is the obvious propaganda operation Christine Romans is engaged in. She seems desperate to confirm that the CIA has her back in Libya. She blatantly argues that the CIA must be in Libya working to find and groom new leadership that is favorable to the US.

Romans parrots the flimsy front that NATO is leading the Libyan War, not the US. But NATO is an American-led organization. Hello? Is she that dumb? I don’t think so. This is a smart woman. She can’t possibly be this oblivious. When you throw a ball with your left hand instead of your right hand, it’s still you doing the throwing.

Scheuer notes that some Arab tyrannies “hated by their own people” are on the US side – such as Saudi Arabia. This confuses Kiran Chetry. How could the bad guys be working with the good guys to help good guys (rebels) defeat bad guys (Ghadafi)? Her confusion is understandable, if naive. You would think someone with a high profile in the news business would be familiar with Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Especially when her co-host is talking about the CIA hand-picking the hoped next leader of an African state.

But the cognitive dissonance wasn’t strong enough for her, I suppose.

Romans tries to peg Scheuer as anti-Obama, a transparent club-on-the-head kind of tactic. But Sheuer is not railing against just one person or one party. And she really freaked out when he brought up that the US was bankrupt. Instead of addressing the point, and the obvious connection between bankruptcy and massive spending on foreign wars of aggression, she just claimed the two issues were unrelated and shooed him off the air. LOL.

Like I said, the propaganda operation is really way too obvious these days. I don’t know if that’s due to my personal intellectual growth or the more desperate state of the state.

In other news, depleted uranium weapons might be in use in Libya. The source is RT (Russia Today), so they have ulterior motives, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least given their use in Iraq.

Over at the Asia Times, Pepe Escobar drops a lot of truth in just one column. And some of it lines up with the things Romans says in the above video.

By George Donnelly

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