Lindsey Graham: “Free Speech is a Great Idea, but we’re in a War.”

US senator Lindsey Graham doesn’t think much of your right to speak your mind freely. Let him know you disapprove.

Lindsey Graham is a united states senator from South Carolina. He’s also in the air force and apparently spends his free time in active theaters of war. And now he is an opponent of the right to speak your mind freely. Ironically, he was exercising his right to speak his mind freely when he said (in the above video), “Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war.”

Likewise, when governments want to violate your gun rights, they have to use their guns to do it. When they take away your property through taxes, they use their property freely in order to do it. When they make war, they do it using wealth and technology created during peacetime. The ironies of the state are endless.

I can understand the outrage over the Koran-burning. The guy who did it seems like a real jackass at this point. He should be named, shamed and disassociated from. By the way, his name is Terry Jones and he lives in or around Gainesville, Florida. I don’t advocate any kind of violence whatsoever against him. Just know who he is, recognize how counter-productive it is to burn other people’s holy books and make the decision to not associate with him. Name, shame and disassociate.

But Lindsey wants everyone’s free speech rights curtailed because of one dummy. This is typical government collectivization and overreaction. One guy stepped out of line, so let’s violate everyone’s rights. That’s really dumb.

Lindsey should take his own advice, don’t you think? Call him at 202-224-5972 and email him at Facebook him at and tweet him at . Let the tyrant know you do not agree or approve. The right to free speech is always valid and necessary. In fact, Lindsey has sworn an oath to uphold and protect it. He must either retract his statement or agree to be known as a bald-faced liar.

I’m thinking of setting up a website called “Shut up Lindsey Graham.” Let me know if you’re interested in collaborating

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

6 replies on “Lindsey Graham: “Free Speech is a Great Idea, but we’re in a War.””

I wonder what causes more terrorists to join the fight, a “daisey cutter” bomb that is part of a “shock and awe” effort that kills 40 innocent people who have surviving brothers, sisters, children and parents or a person who halfway around the world burns a book.

You obviously have communist leanings, but you cover them up with appeals to freedom. You quote Howard Zinn, for example, and he was a Marxist who wanted the overthrow of the American government and never has criticized communist regimes, including Stalin, Mao, or Castro. In fact, he supported Pol Pot and blamed America for his genocide.

You are also a self-admitted anarchist, and one of their objectives is to be rid of the concept of private property as known in our country and other places that want liberty.


Sure, but do you know what anarcho-communism is about? I suspect you don’t.

I admire Zinn not for any Marxism but due to his work as a historian and a peace and justice activist. I was trained as a historian and find his work refreshing.

Property can be a form of tyranny, so yes, in some sense. But it’s not as simple a matter as you make it out to be.

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