“They are in the Process of Owning Food, all Food.”

How Monsanto is eating our food sovereignty, one GMO seed at a time.

The World According to Monsanto left my chin on the floor. I didn’t know that state collaboration with Monsanto enabled it to kill Americans with PCBs. I had no idea that the state helped Monsanto execs escape criminal prosecution for these acts. I thought Roundup (glyphosate) was biodegradable, since it said that on the package. Wrong. I was in the dark about Roundup’s ability to provoke the first stages that lead to cancer. Was I aware that the FDA suppressed and manipulated data in order for Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone to get approval? Nope. I wasn’t conscious of the fact that 70% of the food in American stores contains genetically-modified (GMO) elements. I was ignorant of the fact that GMO labeling is prohibited by the USA. I was under the impression that GMO plants couldn’t reproduce in the wild. Wrong again.

I encourage you to watch the full 109 minutes. You will be thankful that you are now aware of the serious threat to our food freedom and heritage. Monsanto is a government-chartered multi-national corporation that apparently seeks to control the food supply. If its goal truly is to own all plant food sources then it’s meeting with great success.

Monsanto modifies the genes in plants such as corn, cotton, potatoes, soybeans and many other food sources. One goal is to make the plants resistant to its herbicide, Roundup, so that farmers don’t have to pick weeds by hands. They can wantonly spray whole fields without harming their crops. (When the non-biodegradable Roundup runs off to other people’s property it can harm waterfowl, people and non-GMO crops of course.) However, these GMO plants can pollinate traditional crops. The result is monster plants. This contamination threatens 10,000 years of traditional crops. It could result in Monsanto owning our food.

This is another example of state power subverting market regulation. Without the state, Monsanto can’t willfully poison people with dioxin, glyphosate and its other chemicals. It can’t use arbitrary state power to enforce its so-called intellectual property. Without the state, Monsanto has no limited liability protection or favorable tort laws. Its owners and employees can’t hope to escape scot-free after dumping its concoctions on other people’s property. If we didn’t rely on government agencies to vet food and drugs for us, corporations like Monsanto wouldn’t be able to bribe them into submission. Without state subsidies, GMO crops wouldn’t be cheaper than traditional ones.

This war on our food is just getting started. The stakes are our lives and the future of our very precious planet. We must advocate for more regulation of state-backed corporations such as Monsanto, not by the joke we call government but by market actors. Anyone whose crops are contaminated by their GMO, anyone whose land is poisoned by their herbicides must be made whole out of Monsanto’s coffers. They must be made whole immediately, not ten years later after a lengthy court battle. If the cost is too much for Monsanto to bear, then they must go out of business. Most likely, without their state backing they would not last long anyway.

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By George Donnelly

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6 replies on ““They are in the Process of Owning Food, all Food.””

You need to tell your fellow Libertarians about GMO foods from this angle. The CATO institute seems to be pro-GMO and everytime someone mentions labeling, the cop-out in their articles seems to be “government is bad-stop whining you crybabies!” Yet there was a time not too long ago when it was illegal to label foods GMO free, and the US government was the arm of Monsanto and would enforce this ban. I’ve seen some GMO free labels recently, but I don’t know how long it will be legal to label something GMO free.

Banning non GMO labels is an unfunded mandate. What’s going to happen to small restaurant owners when people insist on only getting food from their heirloom gardens? I have some fav restaurants, but I may have to stop eating there, and they will go out of business and lose their jobs! Monsanto is worse than Obamacare, because small businesses will be victimized simply because they can’t label their foods GMO free, out of fear of a lawsuit, and will lose all their customers.

If Libertarians would think these things though, I may join their party. As of now, they only have a good party platform, but no actual thought going on in their brains.

dont forget the collaboration done between reagan and rumsfeld in the 80’s to bring us the poison known as aspartame. this was done all by searle under rumsfeld who later brought about monsanto absorbing searle and their toxic works.

also, monsanto is currently financially enslaving farmers in iraq and afghanistan with their high priced designer seeds under laws put into effect by paul bremer.

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