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Nonviolent Resistance Efforts Need your Attention

In this short video, Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha argues that violent resistance gets more attention than nonviolent resistance and that this helps perpetuate the cycle of violence. Nonviolent resistance is happening around us all the time. In order for it to be viewed as a viable alternative to violence, we need to give it attention. We need to focus a spotlight on nonviolent resistance efforts.

This is very insightful. We’re constantly bombarded with news of the problems that are wars, atrocities, police abuse and random violence. We don’t hear as much about the solutions. By planning and participating in nonviolent resistance, by learning about others’ nonviolent resistance and by sharing, blogging and talking about stories and videos of nonviolent resistance, we can be a part of the solution. We can show the doubters that nonviolence is the solution to violence.

By the way, here is the trailer for the Budrus (2009) documentary mentioned in the above video. It looks great!

By George Donnelly

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2 replies on “Nonviolent Resistance Efforts Need your Attention”

I agree completely. If libertarians are going to defend the principle of not violating property rights, it will serve them well to spotlight anti-state protests that achieve their goals without aggression.

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