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Nonviolent Resistance Efforts Need your Attention

In this short video, Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha argues that violent resistance gets more attention than nonviolent resistance and that this helps perpetuate the cycle of violence. Nonviolent resistance is happening around us all the time. In order for it to be viewed as a viable alternative to violence, we need to give it attention. […]

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Celebrate MLK Day: Disobey an Unjust Law

MLK is about freedom and conscience. Not “service”.


Strength Through Peace: A Titillating Talk on Nonviolence by Dr Michael Nagler

Nonviolence, argues Dr Michael Nagler in the above talk (well worth its 46 minutes), always makes things better, even when we who practice it get hurt or killed. I have to agree. For the more skeptical, think of it this way: at least it’s not making things worse. Consider this: in India, where nonviolent resistance […]


Why I am Specifically a Voluntaryist

Voluntaryism is easy to grasp. It says that all interactions among people must be voluntary, i.e., without aggression. This is Ayn Rand without the psychological repression, the judgmentalism and the fake statism weakly glued on. This is anarcho-capitalism, without any hint of state capitalism. This is free market anarchism. This is left libertarianism. This is […]