Get in on the Ground Floor with the Liberty Play for Liberty Forum 2011

Tonight at 8PM we’re going to touch base about the liberty-themed play I’m proposing for Liberty Forum in March 2011. We’ll be meeting on Skype in the public chat called “Liberty Play 2011.” It’s text-only, so no need for a camera. If you can’t find it, ping me via Skype chat username and I will add you in. It’s going to be fun! We need all kinds of people. This is like starting a small business.

Imagine a state actor, such as a police officer, in a post-state situation. Imagine the liberty revolution or agorist revolutionary endgame or a voluntaryist peaceful evolution has taken place. This state actor is thrust into the stateless society. His former victims demand that he participate in free market justice, with a panel of arbitrators and in a public setting. In fact, perhaps the new powers that be are launching a kind of Nuremburg trials or South African-style Truth and Reconciliation Commission. What would this world look like and how would the conflicting interests play out? What would this former cop do, faced with the disappearance of his world and the threat of being held accountable for his past actions?

I’d like to organize the play as either a for-profit or cooperative enterprise. I need people with all kinds of skills: writers, marketers, actors, stage management, makeup, lighting, you name it. Please join us tonight at 8PM in the Skype public chat called “Liberty Play 2011.” We’re going to have a blast!

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By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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Our first meeting was productive. We’re going to do some thinking and writing before our next meetup at 8PM Wed, Aug 11. These online meetups last just 30 minutes, so it’s a quick base-touching where new people can get involved and current participants can trade ideas. I hope to see you there on the 11th.

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