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Seeking Comment on More Liberty Now Book Outline

I’m writing a book about how to get more liberty now in your own life. Please check out the early outline and tell me what I’m missing.

I’ve been writing at this blog for almost 10 years now and I have more than 525 posts. I also have dozens of draft posts in various stages of completion. You’ve enjoyed quite a few of my posts. Many are thought experiments. A few are action reports. One on the Boston Lockdown you read more than 55,000 times in a few days. Others you commented on dozens of times. Many have been shared on social media hundreds of times.

Is there anything of enduring value to the human race here? I’m still working on that. But this process has been invaluable to me, to my intellectual growth. I still remember the evening in December of 2006 when I said this blog, this one I am actually sticking with. I’m going to write regularly for it and see what happens. I don’t think it’s produced even $100 in revenue. Financially, it’s been a loss. But I think there is some value in the archives.

And I plan to expand it into a book.

Here is a very rough outline below. Here’s what I need from you:

  • Read the outline.
  • What’s missing?
  • Leave a comment about it or email [email protected].

The Purpose

I’m not writing another manifesto. I do indeed have a long draft of one on my hard drive. Manifestos, despite the days I invested into my draft, are cheap and easy. They’re basically an extended whine about how I wish the world would be. Wishing changes nothing.

The individual identification of desires and the forming and execution of action plans to satisfy those desires, however, changes everything.

This book is about not mass movements but individual transformations. Because the former is built on the latter.

The Outline

I’m sharing an early draft of my outline so you can have the chance to give me feedback from the ground stage. There are typos and incomplete thoughts. Just roll with it.

Tentative Title: More Liberty Now: Action Plan for a Libertarian Life

  • Introduction
    • You’re a libertarian. Now what? Do you get angry? Vote? Street protest? Write feverish op-eds? Form or a big corporation? You have this knowledge and this desire: complete freedom for the individual balanced by complete accountability. No more taxes, the freedom to put in your body what you want, cross borders when and where you please. Now what? That’s what this book is about. It’s for libertarians of all types from minarchists to anarchists. It’s a guide to getting your head straight and pointing in the direction, according to me. Your mileage may vary, but this is how I see it. If you see it differently, etc.
    • The hour is late but the movement is young and childish. Pay no mind to what others are doing. Build your liberty. Build it legally. We can still do that. When the time comes for group action, you will be ready.
  • Why Liberty Matters
    • Positive Sense
      • so you can do what you want, so opportunities aren’t closed off to you
    • Negative Sense
      • so people who don’t want to play fair, who want to tilt the playing field in their favor and who want to freeload off of your hard work can’t do it simply by capturing the central government.
  • Who Benefits from Liberty
    • The honest person, the poor person (money can purchase anything), the talented person, the third world, the hardworking person,
  • What Liberty is
    • Core principles
      • respect.
      • NAP
      • sovereignty
      • trade
      • empathy
    • Hyped Principle Wannabes
      • self-ownership principle
      • the worship of economics, esp Austrian economics
      • intellectual property is theft
      • conspiracy theories
      • Sovereign citizens
      • NRx
      • the constitution
      • defensive violence for minor infractions
      • indifference to others’ suffering
      • racism
        • racists will use libertarianism as a refuge, as a cover, and that’s fine. liberty means the freedom to discriminate. Get over it. You don’t get to control other people except in preventing active harm. No one owes you an opportunity. It also means you can discriminate against them by not associating with them,
  • How to Achieve Liberty

The strategy I advocate is an indvidual one of building personal power and options for yourself. that said, here is a full exploration of the available strategies. The difference between strategy and tactic.

  • Mass Strategies
    • Voting and running for office
      • Using the courts
        • Activism
          • jury rights pamphleting
          • open carry
          • it’s not a religion. It’s not about converting people.
        • Separatism
          • FSP
          • Somalia
          • Texas
          • Liberland
          • Seasteading
          • other separatist projects
    • Individual Strategies
      • Power: the strategy I advocate
        • Build personal power. build options for yourself.
        • Envision your ideal future.
        • believe it is possible. inspirational quotes. How to build belief, step by step.
        • Develop an action plan
        • pursue greatness
        • Leave space to recharge, to avoid burnout
        • I’m available for one-on-one coaching
      • Mindset, your most important strategy
        • You, your health and your free time are your greatest assets. Money, girls, ego, prestige, jobs, friends, degrees, possessions, experiences, associantions, none of them matter except insofar as they improve YOU and maximize your free time and/or health.
        • limiting beliefs
        • shame
        • be bold
        • there is nothing stopping you, not government, not anything.
        • failure is a prereq for success. welcome failure. every time you fail, you learn something, collect contacts and become freer from worry.
        • worldview. you are the center of the world, your world (same thing). You are the only thing that matters. at this level, principles don’t matter. Relevant quantum/buddhist thought.
      • the Best you
        • financial solvency: get out of debt, budget
        • mental health: see mindset
        • physical health, never too late to stop using alcohol and drugs. never too late to lose fat, grow muscle and build endurance.
        • eat well and cheaply
          • cut snacks, soda, alcohol
          • drink plain water
          • eat fresh vegetables
          • eat regular food without excessive sauces or condiments
          • rice, chicken, veggies, fruits, bread, oatmeal, peanut butter. whole foods.
          • No need to do special diets like keto, paleo, Esselstyn vegan unless recommended by a medical professional or otherwise indicated
        • physical strength. lift. regular aerobic exercise, stretching
        • meditative practice
        • fix aches and pains
          • every little ache or pain you feel can be fixed.
        • get diseases under control. think outside the box. try things like coconut oil and cannabis. how I solved my health issues
          • be aware of the issues. take note of them, write them down, research them, prepare action lists, try out different courses of action.
          • chronic knee pain
          • obesity
          • acid reflux
          • digestive discomforts
          • tennis elbow
          • lower back pain
      • Practice the Principles
        • Don’t get caught in principle conundrums
        • to use the roads or not
        • to pay taxes or not
        • to be nice to cops or not
        • to shop at walmart or not
      • Use the Tools
        • bitcoin
      • Avoid Entanglements
        • Fundamentalism/Absolutism
        • Hate and Fear
          • just as there is no point in hating anyone, so is there no point in fearing anyone. live in the present.
        • Dogma
          • pre-digested thoughts and conclusions
        • Organizations
          • most libertarian organizations are drama and/or privilege factories. People either manufacture personality conflicts and/or they think somehow the principles of liberty no longer apply to them because they have gained a small measure of mostly imaginary power.
        • Relationships
          • Joining forces with another of any gender or sexual preference is more likely to drag you down than to build you up. People looking for committed relationships are more often looking for something to relax into, a waiting room to entertain them until death is ready for them. Don’t get married.
        • Demagogues
          • No one is saving you, not Kokesh, Cantwell, Rockwell, Trump, Bernie Sanders, violent revolution, collapse, gold prices, bitcoin or the basic income. None of it matters a damn. Only you matter. You’ve got nothing coming. Only the actions you take have any chance of moving you toward your desired destination.
        • Self-Sufficiency
          • growing your own food is a hobby for people with time on their hands and instagram accounts to fill.
        • Dropping out
          • Out of a sense of ideological purity, people will refuse to work jobs, pursue careers, patronize certain businesses. Some will even self-immolate. Remember that you are the prize the world seeks. You have the answers. You are a store of value, even if no one else sees it. Guard your store. Multiply it. Don’t limit yourself unduly.
        • Debate. No point to it.
          • debating statists
          • debating other libertarians
            • which of the 100 flavors of libertarianism is right for me? It doesn’t matter. It’s all intellectual masturbation because it’s about having the perfect opinions. But you don’t care about that. You want the perfect actions, which depend more on the topography of the world than on your principles. Actually, you want the perfect goal that suits you, then you will enage in a series of increasingly less-misguided actions to get you there.
        • Fighting
          • don’t try to fight cops, the IRS, feminists, jihadis or anyone else. That only provokes resistance and puts you into a negative mindset. the opposite of what you need.
        • Online Activism.
          • your interest in this philosophy will just be used against you.
        • Agorism
          • attempting to live without paying taxes is sisyphean task esp when people you’re trading with are probably lying about thier payment of taxes and could end up ratting on you.
  • What’s Next
    • What do you need now? Comment here to share your ideas or email now.
    • Have faith that something greater is coming. Just know that it won’t happen with drug-addled in-debt couch-potato fat-asses who are unprepared and don’t believe it can be done.
    • Reading list of recommended books

Your Feedback

Please leave a comment about what is missing from my outline, or any ideas at all that you have. You can also email me your thoughts at [email protected]. Thanks in advance! Anyone who helps me gets free copies, a thanks in the book itself and, of course, my undying appreciation.

You may remember I recently published a post about a book that would plot a path to achieving market anarchism. I decided this book needs to come first. This one might even be more valuable and of more immediate use. Thanks for your patience.

Photo Credit: Ian Myles CC-BY

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

3 replies on “Seeking Comment on More Liberty Now Book Outline”

George, I don’t see anything about security culture on your outline. Survivalism and vonu are also missing; in fact, there’s whole batches of things that are just absent.

While I appreciate your attempt to enumerate a primer on libertarianism, I don’t think reformism (working inside of the system in order to change it from within, i.e., electoral voting) has any rightful place within libertarian circles quite frankly.

For constructive ideas for the outline of your book, please feel free to incorporate anything from the Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action (, or any of my recommended articles on my blog (

As I mentioned before, your list of tactics is useful and commendable, however I am talking about strategy here. Strategy is the question you ask yourself before you start looking at tactics. From my perspective, you’ve skipped the most important questions and jumped to the conclusion, which leads to a non-optimal destination.

I thought it was clear the intent of the book is not to be a primer on libertarianism.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I welcome any other specific reactions you care to share.

Hi George!

“By George!” hey, great to read you here as fellow Free Friend!
Good writing for and from you for the best of you for the rest of us Freedom Lovers.

My slogan: From the Love of Liberty to the Liberty of Love.

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Let’s link up via email or Skype (jack.carney) to exchange as Liberty Lovers and writers.

Cheers, Jack at Home in Santiago, Chile and the rest of the Universe too

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