Shield Mutual: Agorist Insurance against the State

I’ve launched another counter-economic (agorist) enterprise. Shield Mutual is an insurance company for all of us who are at risk for political crimes; which is to say all of us.

I’ve launched another counter-economic (agorist) enterprise. Shield Mutual is an insurance company for all of us who are at risk for political crimes; which is to say all of us. I’m talking about the truth-tellers, agorists, activists, hacktivists, civil disobedients, pirates, photographers, tax resisters, hunger-strikers, question-askers, conscientious objectors, no-knock raid survivors, drive-by cop attack survivors, etc.

We’re all at risk for political crime prosecution all day long, every day, whether we’re filming US marshals or just relaxing in the comfort of our homes. The police and courts tend towards the arbitrary and capricious end of the spectrum. Their power is growing. Their impunity is all but unchallenged.

But we at Shield Mutual (and allied mutual aid organizations) are challenging them. I’ve already distinguished myself as an advocate for people in trouble. I helped an activist get home after the TSA wouldn’t let her fly. I got her cause 1,000,000 YouTube views. I helped get a newborn baby returned to her parents after social workers kidnapped her. I won’t bore you with the rest of the list. Suffice to say, I’m qualified to do this.

I don’t claim that we’re going to fund your civil rights lawsuit to the supreme court or make you whole after the cops ruined your life. Not the whole liberty community together has enough funds to plug the gaping hole created by the state’s awesome power to destroy. But we can afford eternal publicity – which is, after all, the price of justice.

My promise is that we will mount a media and activism campaign to get you what you need, release from jail, charges dropped, bureaucrat backing off, you name it. We will use websites, carefully constructed press releases, social media campaigns, op-eds, call floods and whatever other ideas we can come up with to let the powers that be know that, if they don’t back off, we’re going to make their lives very, very difficult.

We can make life very uncomfortable for cops and judges who attack, kidnap and cage our members. We can train the bureaucrats into recognizing that the person they are dealing with is covered by Shield Mutual – so you better pick on someone else. And, eventually, when enough people join Shield Mutual (and allied organizations) we will nullify political crimes in the United States.

Then we will have a clear road forward for the construction of the new societies we seek to build.

Here’s an excellent Bad Quaker podcast I did with Ben Stone yesterday on Shield Mutual (the first 15 minutes). Check it out!


When I first founded Shield Mutual last year, the concept was more mutualistic in nature. But almost no one signed up. So I decided to tweak the concept into a pay service where I was personally responsible for providing a service. Lo and behold, this works better.

Does this vindicate capitalism and disprove mutualism? I don’t think so. I just think that perhaps mutualism requires a higher frame of mind and we’re not there yet. But that’s cool. I get to do what I love to do (help people in need – always a righteous cause) and get paid for it.

Sign Up Today!

Shield Mutual coverage is just $50 FRNs or 7.6 bitcoins per year. Sign up today! Get the peace of mind you need and support the counter-economy for just pennies per day. Shield Mutual has an amazing vision for how we can actually progress towards the new libertarian societies we wish to create and live in. Every new customer is another step towards realizing our vision.

By the way, we also have a referral program. Earn $5 for every new customer you refer to us.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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I know it’s an old article, but I addressed what I’d like to see in an arrest insurance company in here:

Would you kindly comment on these ideas, preferably on my website? I encourage you to link to this article in your comment, so that people who stumble on that article in the future will find this article. Thanks!

There’s another point. You also have to teach risk-minimizing strategies.

If someone said they wanted to hand out FIJA pamphlets in front of a courthouse, you might say “Hey! That’s too risky! Do it in front of Times Square instead, and you’ll reach more people with less risk!”

Wonderful idea!

I backed the liberty upgrade on indiegogo, but this sounds even better.

Two questions:

Isn’t the price way too cheap? I mean, defending even one case of government abuse can take many hours.

Second: Could it be too much work for one man? Perhaps a contract stipulation should state each member has to participate in a set number of aid actions per year?

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