Allentown, PA Rally For Photography and Pamphleting Rights Earns Local TV Coverage

On June 4th of this year, 30 upstanding individuals rallied for photography and pamphleting rights in solidarity with me. These good folks achieved coverage not only by the independent TV station WFMZ but also by a local Spanish-language newspaper. This goes to show that if the cause is worthy and you exert the effort, noteworthy […]

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Colin Powell: The Federal Prison System is Just as Rigged as Gitmo But Without the Stigma

I remember the media circus around Colin Powell possibly running for president and what party he would choose. The media built him up as the non-partisan military man of honor who was going to save us. What a joke. He disgraced himself with his lying Iraq war sales pitch but now he’s back actually speaking […]

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Peaceful Swimmers Resist Frivolous, Incompetent Injustice System

You’re going to like this guy. After 30 years of unmolested enjoyment of a swimming hole, cops crack down with trespassing charges for dozens of peaceful swimmers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Despite the state’s failure to prove their charges, the gentleman in the film was found guilty. He appealed and finally was vindicated. Check out this […]


Peaceful Citizen’s Leg Broken by Capitol Police

Today, while peacefully waiting his turn to enter the Senate Petraeus hearings, a citizen was tackled by Capitol Police, reportedly resulting in a broken leg. No appearance of violence The police would not let this citizen enter the hearings. The citizen refused to bow his head and go on his merry way. The citizen gave […]