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Guns and Satyagraha: Never the ‘twain shall meet

It is simply impossible to talk about firearms as being a part of satyagraha. They are diametrically opposed. You may or may not like satyagraha, you may disagree as to its effectiveness and you may have a thousand different opinions on Gandhi the man and the leader but there is no factual or historical basis for claiming that guns are compatible with satyagaha.


Allentown, PA Rally For Photography and Pamphleting Rights Earns Local TV Coverage

On June 4th of this year, 30 upstanding individuals rallied for photography and pamphleting rights in solidarity with me. These good folks achieved coverage not only by the independent TV station WFMZ but also by a local Spanish-language newspaper. This goes to show that if the cause is worthy and you exert the effort, noteworthy […]