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The Vanishing Jury Trial Opens the Way for Blockchain Justice

The disappearance of jury trials opens the way for a better justice system.

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Jury Rights Activist Threatened in Ocean County, NJ

James Babb visited Ocean County, NJ this morning in order to educate potential jurors about their jury rights. He came home with his First Amendment rights violated and jury tampering charges hanging over his head.

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Why We Should All Be Jury Rights Experts

Judges and prosecutors fly into fits of rage when people mention jury nullification because it threatens their arbitrary power. Here are 6 reasons why we all need to be jury rights experts.


Why Fully Informed Jury Members are so Important

Jim Allen succinctly explains the history and importance of jury nullification and fully informed jurors in this five-minute video. Definitely worth a look. The jury’s power to judge the law as well as the facts freed slaves and helped roll back the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s.

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Despite Threats, Activists Inform Jurors

Activists educate. Thugs intimidate. Find out who wins.