Why Fully Informed Jury Members are so Important

Jim Allen succinctly explains the history and importance of jury nullification and fully informed jurors in this five-minute video. Definitely worth a look. The jury’s power to judge the law as well as the facts freed slaves and helped roll back the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920’s.

By George Donnelly

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4 replies on “Why Fully Informed Jury Members are so Important”

“Voir dire” was introduced to prevent jury nullification. (“Voir dire” is the corrupt practice of questioning jurors and eliminating those who show pro-freedom beliefs.)

Jury nullification is a check against State aggression, but in the USA it’s been pretty much completely eroded.

The fact that jury nullification is possible, does not legitimize the State.

Yes, jury nullification has been all but dead for more than a century. Very true.

I think that trying to revive the practice as a way to ease the pain of those who suffer from the state’s aggression justifies the effort put in – as long as you don’t get arrested doing it. It’s not worth getting arrested for.

(NB: I was not arrested for handing out jury nullification pamphlets.)

How did your trial turn out. Were the charges dropped?

Nobody is ever arrested for “criticizing the government”. The State thugs find something else.

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