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The State Causes the Darkness but Who will Bring the Light?

First, is the guilt for riots exclusively that of Negroes? And are they a natural development to a new stage of struggle? A million words will be written and spoken to dissect the ghetto outbreaks. But for a perceptive and vivid expression of culpability I would like to submit two sentences that many of you […]

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Celebrate MLK Day: Disobey an Unjust Law

MLK is about freedom and conscience. Not “service”.


Let your Light Shine on for all Eternity is the New Go out in a Blaze of Glory

Can you feel it? The visceral longing to join the lady in this picture, to back her up, to help her, to save her. As hordes of destroyers descend on her home in some dusty corner of Asia, all she has left is her ability to resist. It doesn’t matter to her that she is […]