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Belvin Perry Puts Julian Heicklen in a Cage for 145 Days

For handing out pamphlets in front of the Orange county courthouse in Orlando, Florida, (judge) Belvin Perry has decided to put renowned 79-year-old liberty activist and former chemistry professor Julian Heicklen in a cage for 145 days. Julian has been convicted of “external criminal contempt of court.” Readers of this blog will remember that Julian […]

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Calling Mid-Atlantic Liberty Lovers: Let’s Work the Campaign for Liberty’s Conference Sep 17-19

Are you in or near the Mid-Atlantic area? Want to spark more statist minds to understand and embrace liberty – complete liberty? Then please join me at the Campaign for Liberty’s Northeast Regional Conference in Valley Forge, PA September 17th through the 19th. No, I haven’t regressed to statism! My aim is to respectfully invite […]