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Ian of Keene Leads the Way to Peaceful Evolution

Here is an op that appears to be entirely consistent with the peaceful evolution concept I talked about a couple days ago. The little dictators dba The Government in Keene, NH demanded that Ian Freeman (of Free Talk Live) pay them $2,700 FRN for the privilege of continued possession of his house. Leveraging the Robbery […]

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Is Sam’s Change of Course Tactically Consistent?

Sam Dodson talks about his experience in jail in this 52-minute video recorded at PorcFest. It’s entertaining and even inspiring at times, so I recommend you at least check out the first 33 minutes. At the same time, I noticed a few things in the video that just don’t jive. Why is Sam using a […]

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Help Sam Dodson Get Media Coverage

Here are some ways you can help Sam Dodson get media coverage for his principled stand as he enters his fourth week of captivity in Cheshire County Jail of New Hampshire. Rate the CNN iReport to help Sam get on CNN Vote for Sam to get on Fox’s Freedom Watch show with Judge Napolitano Send […]

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Press Release: Exercising Right to Remain Silent Lands Video Journalist in Jail Indefinitely

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UPDATE May 1: Here is the final release. Please use this one. Download the PDF version of Press Release: Exercising Right to Remain Silent Lands Video Journalist in Jail Indefinitely here. Keene, N.H., April 30, 2009 – Video journalists in Iran aren’t the only ones at risk for due process violations. That’s […]


8 Reasons Why I Admire Sam Dodson and the Not-So-Disorderly Keene Seven Activists

I am proud of the Not-So-Disorderly Seven. I am proud of Sam Dodson and the whole Keene crew. I am so proud to be able to say that soon I will join them in defending the nonviolent society and exposing the fraud that goes by the name of “The Government”. And here’s why: Sam followed […]