Tune in 6PM EST Tonight to Talk About Liberty Forum

Curtis and I will be live on Voice of Radical Dissent tonight at 6PM EST. Tune in at

Curtis (of PorcFest fame) and I will be live tonight at 6PM EST on Corey Moore’s “Voice of Radical Dissent” radio show to discuss the Free State Project’s cancellation of their popular Liberty Forum conference. Tune in here at 6PM EST >>

You can listen live, chat with other listeners and even call in live and talk with us at (858) 216-3433. We’ve got a full hour for this, so please call in. Let us know your reaction. What should we do now? Abandon Liberty Forum? Have a party instead? Have an online conference? Have the Liberty Forum but in a more sustainable and less expensive way?

I blogged some thoughts on what we might do to rescue Liberty Forum. Frankly, the existing Liberty Forum model of paying big-name speakers to come and talk to large groups of people from a podium is broken. We need a more egalitarian and dynamic model, such as the unconference. But we need input from both Liberty Forum regulars and those considering attending for the first time. Without your feedback, we’re groping in the dark. And, as the TSA will tell you, that just ain’t as much fun. :D

By George Donnelly

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