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Undocumented Workers Shrugging in Arizona

This two-year old CNN video shows undocumented workers shrugging as a result of apparently an earlier anti-immigration law in Arizona (not SB1070). Authoritarianism is backfiring right before our eyes! Small businesses are losing millions of dollars as a result of Arizona’s Atlas Shrugged moment. Even the dufus who sponsored the law is starting to realize the error of his ways, though his statements about how immigrants should still be barred from having babies are worthy of The Onion.

Thanks to Brad Spangler for correcting my error about this being related to SB1070.

By George Donnelly

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2 replies on “Undocumented Workers Shrugging in Arizona”

I also assumed the video was about SB1070 when I first saw it, but it’s not. If you check the page for the video on YouTube, you’ll see it was posted May 1st, 2008. Apparently, there must have been an earlier AZ anti-immigrant law that didn’t get as much nationwide attention.

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