We Need a Dash Status Page

Things don’t work quite right and Core team may be satisfied they fixed it but the rest of us do not always get the message. This is a communication issue, relatively easy to solve.

For example, there is a bug in the previous version of the Android wallet where the payment does not exit the wallet and shows “this payment has not yet been transmitted.” Normally, this error message means the user does not have adequate internet access. But not in this case.

God bless Dash Core team but I’m still not even sure what caused this issue as it does not precisely line up with the issues resolved for release 6.4.0. (Updating to 6.4.0 does fix it tho.) So in order to understand I have to engage in a back and forth in discord. While fun, this is not time-efficient for anyone.

The suggestion: Let us know everything going on with the software and put it in layman’s terms so everyone can understand how to recognize issues, how to solve them, how to workaround in between releases, all of that. Empower the ecosystem to speak for you when things are not going so great and don’t leave us deaf, dumb and mute when difficulty strikes.

Dash is no longer an academic research project in an ivory tower. We have real people out here. We need to improve communication so we can maintain the ones we have and get more. Transaction counts and demand do not magically increase over time all on their own. Dash is high tech but at the end of the day everything is about the human connection.

By George Donnelly

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