The Dash Retail Roadmap

Dash Retail is a DAO treasury proposal to build software that enables Dash merchants to buy, sell and accept Dash in one integrated system, and to instantly hedge against volatility. The team is Ash Francis, Alex Cox (both of eWallet fame) and myself. Here is our roadmap.

Cycle 1


  • Paga con Dash POS (SparkPOS Clone) as Dash Retail pre-alpha at
  • Dash Rates* golang rebuild for improved reliability


  • Dash Rates full end-point set-up with multiple exchanges and associated messaging (ready for Core)
  • Dash Retail full mockups
  • Dash Retail full user flow diagrams (ready for your feedback within ~2 weeks before going public)
  • Cointigo Integration into Paga con Dash POS
  • Dash Latam tracker (Google analytics from POS + hablador addresses + manual + POS uptime)


  • Dash Retail fully fleshed designs (tablet +  mobile)
  • Dash Retail front-end POS (replaces Paga con Dash)
  • Binance Integration
  • Remittance Database

Cycle 2


  • Merchant Dashboard Front-end Demo (registration/management/dashboard/exchange)


  • Agent back-end
  • Merchant back-end demo
  • Remittance flow demo
  • Translations


  • Client, Merchant & Agent systems tied together, full system ready for Colombian launch
  • Full Statistics & Reporting Site (similar to anypay charts but for all our information regarding transactions, merchants, remittances, etc.)

Cycle 3

  • Colombian pilot
  • Feedback, fixes, next steps

Cycle 4

  • Full rollout
  • Look at other markets

*More on Dash Rates

The DashRatesAPI was created by Kodaxx, also the creator of SparkPOS on which the DashRetail/PagaConDashPOS is based, likely because I was pushing the idea that we needed pricing parity across the ecosystem. This was foundational for Core’s pricing parity deliverable as the DashRatesAPI server is in use in the wallets. Kodaxx deserves major kudos for his work.

But is not seeing the uptime needed and the original DashRatesAPI software has room for optimization both in terms of speed and exchange rate sources. So Alex grabbed the original code, rewrote it in Golang for a 7x speed improvement, and is adding new sources. Once we are convinced it is bulletproof, our new DashRatesAPI server will become the reference pricing source and guarantor of pricing parity across the ecosystem when it is adopted by Dash Core Group and other key players in the Dash ecosystem such as wallet developers and POS software makers.

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