And What About *Your* Blog?

So, enough from me. What about your blog or project? Where do you write? Please post links to your writing or other media production below so I can include it in a future post or series of posts that I’m working on. Thanks!

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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Well, I have started publishing to when writing about the liberty movement. It’s generously hosted by Mike Gogulski of

As for projects, I’ve been systematically targeting TSA employees and giving them literature. I haven’t chronicled online this at all because I am still working on getting the literature developed.

TSA employees swarm in large groups near where I work. They have to park many blocks away from HQ, so I see them walking around. Giving them literature was inspired by Dave Ridley’s earlier arrest and account of distribution of handbills.

Well, if you are asking I’ll shamelessly self-promote then! My blog is called sent-rif-ick-al-fors, address is — I write about a lot of things, one of my main topics being liberty, but also technology, atheism, philosophy, and anything else that grabs my fancy.

Thanks for the exposure!

I’ve been blogging irregularly for a little over 2 years now. I started with primarily book reviews, and I was trying to do it with hand-coded html, and not with actual blogging software. I finally switched over to WordPress when my hosting provider made it available (I rent a partial co-lo, and I now also resell hosting at, complete with Fantastico Deluxe). I’m pretty sure that I have a few dozen readers, based on the number of ‘hits’, but very few seem to be motivated to comment. I guess I’m not controversial enough — or just not reaching the right audience yet.

I have posted articles on a variety of topics, such as my own experience in getting the best possible deal on health care, a review of a concealed carry holster that has become my favorite, and a funny (well, at least *I* thought it was funny) account of my “shotgun solo” with the UT Wind Ensemble.

I’ve been struggling to find readership, without much success, and I really appreciate your willingness to allow me this shameless self-promotion.

I’ve maintained a blog called “Enlightened Rogue” for about 18 months:

My two primary features are Image Review of the Week and Quotes of the Week. Image Review was originally run at the Strike the Root blog. Any other posts usually deal with my outrage toward statist idiocy, committed primarily at the local level. But I also post DVD reviews and occasional discoveries of beauty and inspiration.

The primary challenge of a blog, for me, is finding the time and energy to keep it current during the hustle and bustle of making a living.

I make a basic living with web publishing for about 5 years now. My personal blog is at which I recently made into a portal to everything else I do online. The newest project is about self improvement and personal freedom where the idea is to at first write about self improvement more generally and then as the traffic grows gradually begin promoting voluntaryism more and more (which is after all based on self improvement).

I’m also rebooting, an old project. It’ll be about powers advanced technologies provide us and their responsible use. In short, the theory is that so long as people prevalently believe violence is a good way to solve problems, more powerful technologies will mean an ever greater existential threat to humanity. Our morality and social philosophy hasn’t caught up with our technology and that’s a serious problem.

Also, anyone who has a voluntaryist blog can be included on Voluntaryist Planet which already has quite a few voluntaryists’ sources. Maybe it serves as an extra bit of promotion. You can email libervis at libervis dot com if you’d like to be included. George, you’re already on it. :)


I’ve been blogging for nine years now. My blog is at it’s not about anything other than the occasional random though or update on what’s going on in my life. I’ve been pretty bad about posting the last few months though. I need to get back into it.

I have one main blog located at It’s completely random thoughts or whatever I feel like writing about, mainly for my family and friends so I don’t spam them via email.

My other one that will soon be moved and feature short videos and my lame attempt at a full series at Right now it’s only music I made, usually very quickly. It’s a hobby but I put it aside to do more video.

If you’re lookin’ for political type stuff I try to stay away from that now, or at least I try. I just pay my protection money so the mob doesn’t hurt me.

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