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Who Will Join Me in Educating Delaware Valley Juries?

For some time now I have been seeking collaborators to do fully-informed jury (FIJA) activism in the Delaware Valley (Philadelphia area). But someone told me they had no idea what that was or why it might be important. Thanks to David of No Third Solution, here is your answer: Why FIJA Activism is Important. Please read it and let David know your reaction.

The only thing I might add to his article is that liberty-lovers have a very personal and selfish reason to educate jury members as to their right to judge not only the facts of a case but also the law: as people who live life freely without hurting anyone, we will inevitably be attacked by a gang of government thugs and our very liberty and property will depend on a fully informed jury!

So don’t hesitate, let me know in the comments when you’re ready to join me. We can then talk about our first steps. At least two people are needed to do FIJA activism, so I can’t do this by myself.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

5 replies on “Who Will Join Me in Educating Delaware Valley Juries?”

I would start with these quotes..

“The jury has the right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy’ -John Jay, 1st Chief Justice SCOTUS 1789

“The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts”
Samuel Chase, US SCOTUS Justice, 1796

“The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, SCOTUS 1902

“The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided” -Harlan Stone, 12 Chief Justice SCOTUS, 1941

“The pages of history shien on instances of the jury’s exercise of its perogative to disregard instructions of the judge……..” – US vs. Dougherty, 1972

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