Why Dash Needs to be the Free Speech Coin

We are always looking for new use cases. Until we get volatility under control and until people in large numbers start to “get” the need for liberty and decentralization, the use case for Dash remains limited. This because no matter the technological marvel, the brilliant governance and the bottom-line fact that we have $700,000 to spend every month, Dash remains volatile and a PITA to use for the consumer and merchant.

Enter free speech, fake news, the alt-right and the Silicon Valley’s monopoly on modern media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WashPo, etc). Make a video even that might be lightly critical of Muslims, get demonetized (happened to me). Do more investigative journalism than anyone ever before, get your ability for people to fund your legal defense removed (Julian Assange). I could go on and I expect someone reading a digital cash blog to be aware of why cryptocurrency exists and is so valuable.

The basic fact today is that points of view unfavorable to the powers that be can and are attacked in a variety of ways, from blocking funding, to prison, to shadowbanning, to outright removal from modern, Silicon-Valley-monopolized mass media.

But there is a response. for example. Like twitter but (promised) free. Like reddit but just a tad more decentralized. Indie journalists. Wikileaks. Edward Snowden. This is a growing market with a strong use case for Dash. Dash is unstoppable, instant, truly immutable, mixable-fungible digital cash with a lot of real places where you can spend it on things that sustain your life!

The free speech industry needs Dash. They actually have a real use case for it.

So let’s adopt them.

No, not by disgorging breathtaking sums onto individual journalists, of course not. No, at least not until our treasury’s purchasing power is stupidly huge.

Let’s think about sponsoring Let’s think about steem-in-a-dapp with IPFS. Or IPFs-in-a-dapp.

Let’s think about how to enable a global revolution in decentralized, immutable mass media.

How could we establish Dash as the free speech coin and thus leapfrog ourselves ahead of other cryptos in terms of having strong use cases? That is a long discussion. I encourage you to join me in this conversation. Don’t expect easy answers for the next treasury cycle tho.

Being the coin of Snowden, Assange and the alt-right doesn’t appeal to you? Yeah, it’s a risky move. We definitely need to give that some thought. But guess what, right now, Dash as the corporate payments coin is not a brand that is actually turning out great results. Our current brand is *boring.* Our tech and our treasury keeps us in the top 20, but if we had a real brand identity to go with it, we could be #1.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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Well, you’re not wrong. Censorship and the control of social media and the major “news” outlets is right up there with dishonest money.

Well, you’re not wrong. Censorship and the control of social media and the major “news” outlets is right up there with dishonest money.

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